Vinícius Vieira, a product designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. UX Design.

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I'm Vini and welcome! I have +10 years of experience working as a digital product designer for design studios and tech consultancies. I am current based in São Paulo, Brazil 🇧🇷, working at Youse Seguros as Design Coordinator. To know more information about me, please check my Linkedin profile and see other projects on my Dribbble and Medium accounts.

case studies

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Cargo Design System

Design process to develop a product to design and tech teams.

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Magnetis Mobile App

Increase Member Get Member (MGM) feature by applying design heuristics and validate with Heart Framework.

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Rupaul's Drag Race Mobile App

Maxi Challenge: increase audience between middle-aged people by apllying multiscreen experience features.

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talking about ux

Desafios do DesignOps

Jun 29/2020 - 55:04 min - @ XLab

Design System Talks

Jul 13/2020 - 01:05:13 min - @ ZUP Inovation

Entrevista - Corona com Caparica

Aug 30/2020 - 32:41 min - @ Fabio Caparica de Luna

Debate sobre Operações de Design

Fev 05/2020 - 02:04:50 min - @ Design Ops Lab

writing about process

Managing and upgrading a UX design team’s toolkit

Searching for the best design tools scenario to support organisation, collaboration and constant alignment with stakeholders.

Jul 12/2020 - 7 min read - @ UX Collective

Being a design consultant: objective and expectation

What it really means to work in a consultancy as a designer.

Oct 03/2018 - 5 min read - @ UX Collective

Aprendizados trabalhando em um Design System

Problemas enfrentados e soluções escolhidas na concepção de um design system pela primeira vez.

Jul 29/2018 - 7 min read - @ IxDA BH

4 dicas para screenflows mais eficientes

Dicas para documentar um screenflow de forma nivelada e lógica para TODOS os stakeholders.

Jun 27/2018 - 5 min read - @ UX Collective Brasil

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